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Three Iron Bridges

Tid Kiu Sam - whose real name was Leung Kwan was born in Gwan Dong Lam Hoi in 1813.

He started training in the martial arts at an early age. Tid Kiu Sam learned from Abbot Gwok Yan of the Fu Kien Po Tim Sil Lum Temple. Tid lived and trained for several years practicing Sil Lum Hung Kuen under Gwok Yan's watchful eye. Leung Kwan earned the nickname Tid Kiu Sam (which means Iron Bridge Three) because it is said that his hands, arms as well as his entire body was as hard as "Iron" and he was the third child

in his family. It is said that Tid Kiu Sam practiced a set called "Rock man" or Rock Body Fist Set, training the body to be impregnable to pain, teaching the practitioner to open and close one's accupuncture points in the body. Later Tid Kiu Sam used these methods to develop and formulate Tid Sin Kuen (Iron Wire Fist Set) as we know it today. Tid Kiu Sam left the temple after Gwok Yan passed away at 110 years of age.

Tid Kiu Sam was well respected as a master in the late Ching dynasty. He was well known for helping others, as well as being one of the Sup Fu Tung (Ten Tigers of Kwantung), an elite group known as the Ten Best Martial Artists in Southern China.

Tid Kiu Sam produced a number of famous students over the years, such as Choi Jan, Mg Hei Goon, Si Yiu Leung, Ma Gee Tim, Ngau Gi, Lam Fook Sing etc.

Tid Kiu Sam being one of the Ten Tigers of Kwantung waged a successful war against the drug and crime ridden chings in Kwantung province.

Later he traveled to Sun Wui city to live and train at the Chang Ngum Gee (Chang Ngum Temple). Tid Kiu Sam trained in Moi Fah Gwun (Plum Flower Pole Techniques). Tid Kiu Sam is credited with the creation of Hung Gar's most advanced internal set. Tid Sin Kuen (Iron Wire Set) Tid Kiu Sam passed away in 1886 at the age of 73. Many of the great Hung Gar masters practiced Tid Sin Kuen such as Wong Fei Hung and Lam Tsai Wing. Tid Kiu Sam was truly a legend of Hung Gar.