Canadian Hung Kuen Association


The Luk Sin Theatre Incident

This story has been told many times and although the number of people involved, and the facts vary from story to story, one fact remains - that the story tells the amazing skills of Great Grandmaster Lam Tsai Wing, disciple of the famous Wong Fei Hung.

One evening, while Lam Tsai Wing attending a Chinese opera at the Luk Sin Theatre accompanied by students and friends, it has been said that a rival school trapped Master Lam and his colleagues. They covered all the exits to prevent them from leaving. Lam Tsai Wing and his colleagues were considerably outnumbered.

The rival Sifu/Instructor had fabricated a story that some of the patrons had entered the theatre illegally without tickets. Because Master Lam and his colleagues had been invited to this particular showing they obviously did not have tickets to show. Consequently a fight was initiated. The rival Sifu led the attack on Lam Tsai Wing and his group. When the fight ended Master Lam and his party had suffered few minor injuries, while the rival school sustained many injuries and many were hospitalized. Lam Tsai Wing emerged unharmed. This exhibited Lam Tsai Wing's exceptional fighting abilities.

Among his colleagues were other great Masters of Hung Gar, such as Grandmaster Tang Fung, Tang Yee and Gwan Kwan, as well as some of Master Lam's dedicated disciples. The end result shows the great power of Hung Gar by its practitioners.