Canadian Hung Kuen Association

Theory: Jin Luk

Jin Luk can be developed in many ways. Two-man Doy Dars (Sparring Sets) or Kuens help the student understand the learned techniques in a controlled and predetermined set of exercises. Self Defense is a primary goal of any martial artist. The development of Jin Luk (fighting skill) is a skill that has to be cultivated with time and experience. In order for a student to become a complete Hung Gar Player Jin Luk has to be practiced, constantly worked on using a variety of different partners of different size and fighting skill levels.

It is also very imperative the practitioner makes use of the theories and applications of his/her chosen style. Theories such as Say Moon (Four Gates/Doors) divide the body into four areas of defense and offence. The four separate body areas (front, back, left and right door) are also divided into three levels (low, mid, and high). The use of certain techniques is utilized for different gates/doors and levels. Knowing this theory helps a student to choose which technique is best suited for what area of attack and defense, see [Say Moon].
Knowing the Inside gate & Outside gate theory is very important as well. This will give you the option to close or open up an opponent for attack. So choosing your counterattack will be much easier.
San Sao (free/loose hands) is also used; a practitioner uses attacks and counterattacks with a partner applying the knowledge of Hung Gar's sets, theories and applications. This drill or exercise develops timing, accuracy, and speed as well as the skill of being able to anticipate an opponent's intent. Sparring is a very necessary part of Hung Gar training and should not be neglected.