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Theory: 10 killing hands

The Sup Juet Sao or 10 Killing Hands is taken from the set Fuhok Sheung Ying Kuen. Sup Juet Sao is a series of principles that Great Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung deemed the most effective fighting methods in Hung Gar.

The main principles of the Sup Juet Sao are: Striking the eyes, break the face, stop the breath, explode the ears, damage the groin, twist the tendons, break and damage the elbow, break the fingers, dislocate the joints, strike the nerves.

Jut Ming Fu - Side Grab Claw

Sheung Kwa Choi Faht - Double Backfist

Hand pushing and breaking

is used to crush the throat
sealing the breath.

Double Backfists Falling

is used to damage the face structure
and stop the breath.
Tong Tin Kuen Faht - Heaven Piercing Fist Ngaw Fu Cum Yang - Hungry Tiger Catches the Lamb

Fist Going Through the Sky

is used to choke and stop the chi.

Hungry Tiger Catches the Lamb

is used to squeeze and crush the groin
and damage the eyes and throat.

Man Fu Ha San - Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain

Dai Ma Gwai Gau - Leading the Horse to the Stable

Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain

is used to break the elbow, damage
joints and strike the eyes and throat.

Leading the Horse to the Stable

is used to stop the blood flow to the
brain and to dislocate joints.

Won Won Bao Hok - Reincarnation of the Crane

Hau Gee Tao Toe - Monkey Steals the Peach

Revive Satiated Crane

is used to strike eyes and nerve points.

Monkey Steals the Peach

is used to damage and separate
tendons and to damage joints.

Sheung Fei Wu Dip - Double Flying Butterflies

Fu Pao Sheung Kuen Faht - Tiger/Leopard Double Fist

Double Flying Butterflies

is used to stop the breath and
to damage and dislocate.

Tiger/Leopard Double Fist

is used to damage (explode) ears and
to damage eyes and face structure.