Canadian Hung Kuen Association

Theory: 9 Special Fists

Great Grand Master Wong Fei Hung was an undefeated Hung Gar Master and his fighting abilities were legendary. He formulated Nine Special techniques that he along with his disciple Lam Tsai Wing thought the most effective fighting techniques in Hung Gar.

These Nine Special Fist techniques made Wong Fei Hung a Kung Fu Legend. He developed drills to practices the Gau Duk Kuen Techniques such as:

CHUT SING LIN WAN KUEN - combining the Ng Hong (5 element fists) with 7-Star stepping pattern.
SAM SING TAN TOI - A three-star hooking technique combine with a sweeping leg technique.
WU DIP JEUNG FU JOW FAHT - This drill combines the Butterfly palm technique with the Tiger Claw Technique.
SARE YING FAHT - Snake Shape open-hand thrusting technique.
CHIN CHEE SAO - Double open hand thrusting drill, etc.
The Gau Duk Kuen or Nine special fists is not to be confused with the nine poison hands.

Ping Choi Faht - All Flat Strikes

Toi Jeung Faht - All Palm Strikes

Fu Jow Faht - All Clawing Techniques

Chin Chee Sao Faht - All Open-hand Thrusting Techniques

Biu Chun Gee Faht - All Finger Gabs

Wu Dip Jeung Faht - All Double Palm Strikes

Sheung Kwa Choi Faht - All Double strikes

Pow Choi Faht - All powerful swinging strikes

Hok Choi Faht - All pecking techniques