Canadian Hung Kuen Association

Theory: 5 Animals/5 Elements

Ng Ying (Five Animals)/Ng Hong (Five Elements)

The Ng Ying & the Ng Hong work together in this manner:

  • Loong Ying/Tow/Earth Element - Result: Spirit
  • Sare Ying/Soi/Water Element - Result: Chi
  • Fu Ying/Faw/Fire Element - Result: Bone
  • Pao Ying/Gum/Gold Element - Result: Strength
  • Hok Ying/Muk/Wood Element - Result: Essence
5 animals - Dragon

Loong Ying - Dragon

The dragon is used in Hung Gar to develop "Chi" (Internal energy) & "Shen" (spirit). In the Hung Gar style there are no true dragon techniques but rather a strict series of dynamic and isometric movements performed as a typical Southern Gung Fu style of "Chi Gung".

5 animals - Earth

Tow - Earth

Earth movements borrow the attributes of earth in upheaval, raising backhands that uplift an opponent with attacks from the ground up. These heavy blows strike with earthquake-like devastation. The earth element not only metes out punishing blows, but also lends stability to Hung Gar's stances and ground fighting skills.

5 animals - Snake

Sare Ying - Snake

Snake techniques are smooth flowing arm movements that are circular in nature such as fast darting linear finger strikes to vulnerable areas of the body, such as eyes, throat, etc. The nature of the snake is deception.

5 animals - Water

Soi - Water

Water, like the powerful waves of the ocean, is performed by sweeping, long-range punches and blocks.

5 animals - Tiger

Fu Ying - Tiger

The tiger's fierceness, courage,and power is the embodiment of this animal in the Hung Gar style. The might of the tiger is a combination of external and internal energy that is vocalized by Hung Gar's tiger shout. This yell orignates in the "Dan Tien", not in the throat, and is used to simulate the tiger's roar.

5 animals - Fire

Faw - Fire

Fire is like a lightning-quick burst, and is characterized by rapid phoenix-eye punches and other rocketlike attacks.

5 animals - Dragon

Pao Ying - Leopard

The leopard is a much smaller cat then the tiger this makes the leopard more depended on agility, speed, and aggressive rapid strikes. The leopard will outmaneuver his opponent.

5 animals - Gold

Gum - Gold

Gold is of descending backfist strikes and powerful cutting movements of the arms and legs.

5 animals - Crane

Hok Ying - Crane

Crane is a majestic animal and although it's outward appearance may seem tame, the fighting techniques are very lethal. The crane techniques develop pinpoint accuarcy and elusiveness, as well as "Yow Ging" (Soft Power).

5 animals - Wood

Muk - Wood

Wood is characterized by double punches that minic the act of "squeezing"wood.