Canadian Hung Kuen Association

Training: Fundamentals

Luk Dai Ma Bo (Six Most Important Stances)

Say Ping Ma (Horse Stance)

Diu Ma (Empty Stance)

Gee Ng Ma (Forward Bow and Arrow Stance)

Kou Ma (Scissor Stance)

Tai Geuk Ma (One Legged Stance)

Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma (Pigeon Toed Stance)

Da Sam Sing (Three Star Armconditioning)

One of the most common and basic exercises used in Hung Gar is Da Sam Sing. This involves two players striking each others arms while performing three different blocking techniques. The exercise strengthens the players bone and tissue and develops physical and mental toughness.

Say Fong Kiu Sao (Fourdirection Bridgehand)

This exercise teaches the motion of the bridgehand as well as strengthening forearms. Both partners start by facing each other in a horse stance with bridges crossed. As one partner pushes forward with pressure the other partner resists enough to create some working tension in a circular motion and then pushes back. Repeat the motion back and forth.

Gwa Jeung (Cutting Palm Block)

This exercise teaches the player sensitivity and the redirection of an opponents force. Players start by facing each other in a Say Ping Ma (Horse stance). As one player pushes towards the other players chest, the player redirects the force by shifting from a Bow and Arrow stance to a Horse stance, utilizing the Gwa Jeung block to neutralize the force. The player then shifts from the Horse stance to a Bow and Arrow, directing his force to his opponents chest, and the exercise is repeated. The exercise also teaches the player how to generate power from the hips.

Forearm Roll (Forearmconditioning)

As a Hung Gar player's conditioning improves he is introduced to a more difficult exercise such as forearm rolls. This exercise involves rolling a heavy object back and forth on the arms while the player does tiger bridge hand movements. A player starts with using just the bar and gradually increases the weight.

Conditioning Exercises

Iron Rings

One of the more familiar conditioning methods is the famous Iron Ring exercise. The rings weigh a pound and a half each and usually the player wears between one and five rings on each arm, while he performs rigorous dynamic tension movements. They condition the skin and the bone of the forearm.

Muk Jung (Wooden Dummy)

The Wooden Dummy is used in Hung Gar to also condition the arms. The player developes timing and focus, conditioning the player's strikes, blocks and kicks using full power and speed without the fear of injuring a partner.

Cum Na Sao (Locking and Holding technique)

The player first stands in a Horse stance gripping the weight in each hand, using only his fingertips, lifting the weights to the shoulderlevel. This training method developes the gripping strenght of the Tiger Claw technique.

Large Ring Training

This technique teaches the player circular hand techniques as well as stretching the tendons in the wrists and forearms.